9 Super-Fast and Super-Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

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Breakfast with CBD coffee

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but as coffee lovers, we know how essential your morning coffee is to starting your day right.

Whether you work from home and need a quick pick-me-up in the morning or you’re a busy parent who needs all the energy you can get, we have a breakfast recipe for you.

We know your time is precious, so we chose simple, easy, and delicious breakfast recipes that’ll quickly become family favorites.

Hungry already? Here are 9 of the best breakfast recipes that pair perfectly with a cup of your favorite coffee.

Lemon Raspberry Scones + Americano

The smell of freshly baked raspberry and lemon scones will awaken your senses and the earthy taste of almonds and maple syrup will have you dreaming of the countryside.

Pair this hearty breakfast with a cup of hot Americano to balance out the sweetness and tanginess of the scones.

We recommend the Strava 10 mg CBD Medium Roast with notes of milk chocolate and black cherry.

Find the scrumptious recipe for the blueberry banana scones here.

Energy Smoothie Bowl + A Shot of Espresso

Smoothie BowlWhen you want something fresh and light for breakfast, a smoothie bowl is the best way to get your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Pair that with a shot of espresso and feel the power of caffeine flow through you.

Learn how to make this nutrient-packed smoothie here.

Sträva Tip: You can also make this recipe in batches and freeze the extra smoothie for future breakfasts. Simply pour the mixture into a freezer bag or a glass container, write down the date, and you’re good to go. Use a shot of Sträva Strength Signature Roast with this smoothie to get an energy boost without the coffee jitters.

Hemp Protein Pancakes + Flat White

Who says you can’t have pancakes for breakfast every day? All the more so if they’re packed with healthy hemp protein, bananas, and cinnamon, and paired with a cup of flat white.

Get the recipe for healthy hemp protein pancakes here.

We think your pancakes will go great with our Sträva Maximum Strength Dark Roast.

Sträva Tip: Want to turn your pancakes into the ultimate energy breakfast? Add a shot (or two) of Sträva Strength Signature Roast espresso to the batter.

Fresh Strawberry Oatmeal Muffins + Iced Coffee

Muffins are always a good idea for breakfast, especially if you want something quick and easy that the whole family will love.

The fresh strawberries combined with wholegrain oatmeal and a dash of yogurt will keep you full and you can always save a few muffins for an afternoon snack.

Find the full recipe for these healthy strawberry muffins here.

Learn how to make the best iced coffee you’ve ever had here.

Avocado Egg Toast + Cold Brew

Avo ToastWhen you want a rich, hearty, nutritional breakfast that doesn’t require turning on the oven, avocado egg toast is the perfect choice. Use ripe avocados for easier slicing, and make your eggs slightly runny or soft-boiled.

Here’s how to make the perfect cold brew here and find refreshing cold brew recipes here.

Pesto Goat Cheese Croissants + Cortado

The aroma and texture of fresh goat cheese combined with Italian pesto and soft, buttery croissants is the perfect way to start your day.

This savory breakfast goes great with a cup of freshly brewed cortado, for which we recommend the Sträva Peace and Wellness Collection of single-origin beans.

Find the recipe and instructions for the recipe here.

Sträva Tip:  A Cortado is a combination of equal amounts of espresso and steamed milk. The word ‘cortado’ means ‘to cut’, which is what the milk does to the coffee – it cuts (or reduces) its acidity levels. Make sure to add the steamed milk without the foam or froth.

Homemade Oatmeal Breakfast Bars + Adaptogen Coffee

When you want a filling breakfast that you can grab on the go or as a snack, try homemade oatmeal breakfast bars. The possibilities are endless, and you can use dried fruits, nuts, seeds, hemp hearts, and even coffee in your bars.

Paired with adaptogen-infused coffee, you’re in for a breakfast of champions. Adaptogens are herbs and plants with healing properties that can help your body and mind adapt to environmental and life changes and better cope with stress. One such adaptogen is the hemp plant.

See how to make these homemade oatmeal breakfast bars here.

Here’s how to make adaptogen-infused coffee. Yes, it’s a thing.

Carrot Coffee Cake + Cold Brew

Carrot Cake & CBD CoffeeCraving a slice of moist, mouth-watering, freshly-baked carrot coffee cake? This recipe is a great option for weekend mornings when you want to whip up something sweet to go with your cold brew. Who says you can’t have cake for breakfast?

Find the recipe for this incredible carrot coffee cake here.

Here’s how to make the perfect cold brew here and find our favorite cold brew recipes here.

Healthy Veggie Sandwich + Espresso Lungo

When in doubt, a veggie sandwich is an easy, simple breakfast idea. Get all the veggies in your fridge, cut them into long slices, add some seasoning, and your favorite salad dressing.

Pair this breakfast with a cup of espresso lungo (long espresso) and enjoy a healthy, vitamin-packed breakfast that’ll keep you full for hours.

For the perfect lungo, we recommend our Sträva Courage Signature Espresso with bold notes of cocoa, raw sugar, and black cherry.

Learn how to make this healthy veggie sandwich here.

Want More Coffee Recipes?

Whether you’re an early riser or like to sleep in, these breakfast recipes will give you all the nutrients, vitamins, and energy you need to start your day the right way.

Want more ideas for food and desserts that you can pair with coffee? Here are 7 more healthy and delicious recipes for baked goods that go great with your morning cup. (Pssst, #7 is our favorite).

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