8 Rise-And-Shine Coffee Recipes to Help You Work From Home Efficiently

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8 Rise-And-Shine Coffee Recipes to Help You Work From Home Efficiently

Your morning routine might be the same every day, but your coffee doesn’t have to be.

Some days, you feel well rested so you prefer an iced coffee for some sweetness and flavor. Other days, you need a shot (or two) of strong espresso to keep you awake as you get ready to start working.

Whether you work from home full time or are adjusting to remote work during lockdown, coffee is your best ally in keeping you productive and alert.

Need a caffeine boost without the jitters? We prepared 8 easy and delicious rise-and-shine coffee recipes to help you start your morning and ease into work more efficiently.

1. Iced Vanilla Caramel Latte

Warm summer days are the perfect time to whip up an iced vanilla caramel latte. Drizzle caramel sauce inside the glass, add a few ice cubes for extra freshness, and enjoy.

For this recipe, we recommend using our Sträva Regular Strength Medium Roast with 10 mg CBD per serving and notes of milk chocolate and black cherry.

Find the recipe for this iced vanilla latte here.

2. Espresso Freddo

Espresso Freddo translates to “cold espresso” and is one of the tastiest, most refreshing beverages you’ll ever try.

Prepare a double shot of your favorite espresso and set it aside to cool. Add a few ice cubes in a shaker and add the espresso. Shake until the ice melts and pour the espresso in an ice-filled tall glass.

For this recipe, we recommend our Sträva K-Cup Collection where you can choose the amount of CBD that fits your needs best.

Find step-by-step instructions for Espresso Freddo here.

3. Oat Milk Iced Latte

Oat milk iced latte is a perfectly creamy, cool, and delicious beverage, especially as a light pick-me-up from an afternoon slump. You can make it with oat milk, or use your favorite type of milk to customize it to your taste.

For this oat milk iced latte, we recommend our Sträva Intro Strength with 4 mg CBD per serving and lovely notes of milk chocolate to add more flavor to the latte.

Learn how to make the basic latte recipe here, where you’ll also find more oat milk iced coffee recipes.

4. Espresso Macchiato

For early mornings when you need a strong cup of coffee to wake you up, try an espresso macchiato. It has all the body and flavor of perfectly roasted beans, without the heaviness of too much milk or creamer.

To make this espresso macchiato, we recommend our Sträva Maximum Strength Medium Roast with 20 mg CBD per serving and notes of black cherry and milk chocolate.

Learn how to make the best espresso macchiato at home here.

5. Espresso Tonic

When you can’t make up your mind between an iced coffee and a glass of cold fizzy drink, why not combine both into one and make espresso tonic?

When the hot espresso shot mixes with the cold tonic water, you get a two-layer cooling summer beverage that’s hard to resist.

For this recipe, we recommend our Sträva Regular Strength Dark Roast with notes of toasted marshmallow and cocoa nibs and 10 mg CBD per serving.

Learn how to make foolproof espresso tonic here.

6. Irish Coffee

To make authentic Irish coffee, you naturally need Irish whiskey to give it its flavor and taste. There’s no milk in Irish coffee, but you can use a little cream on top to finish it off.

For this coffee, we recommend using Sträva Regular Strength Medium Roast with 10 mg CBD per serving and crisp notes of milk chocolate.

Get the recipe for authentic Irish coffee here.

7. Orange-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Orange juice and coffee are not your everyday combo, but they go perfectly together to make an orange-infused cold brew drink.

For this refreshing cold brew recipe, we recommend using your favorite coffee from the Sträva K-Cup Collection. If you prefer to grind and make your own espresso, we love the Sträva Maximum Strength Dark Roast for this recipe.

Get the instructions for this orange cold brew coffee here.

Learn how to make your own cold brew coffee here. If you like the taste of citrus fruits in your coffee, we have some more tangy recipes for you here.

8. Turkish Coffee

If you like your coffee strong and black, Turkish coffee is the right choice for you. It’s prepared in a special type of coffee pot called “cezve/ibrik” and you’ll need to grind your beans extremely finely, to a flour-like consistency.

The best beans to use for Turkish coffee are our Sträva Maximum Strength Dark Roast.

Learn how to make Turkish coffee at home here. You can use a small copper pot or a regular pot to make the coffee if you don’t have a “cezve”.

Sträva Tip:  Turkish coffee goes great with Turkish delight.

What’s Your Favorite Coffee Recipe to Wake up to in the Morning?

Whether you love your coffee black and strong or prefer it with milk and sugar, we hope these recipes will help you experiment a bit and try some new coffee flavors.

How do you like your coffee? Do you have a favorite preparation method? Share your answers with us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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