7 Uses of the Hemp Plant You Might Not Know About

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Hemp Fibers

The hemp plant is a member of the Cannabis sativa family and is mostly grown for industrial purposes. It contains very low levels of THC (the psychoactive substance in marijuana) which is why hemp and its products won’t get you high no matter how you use them.

Most importantly, the hemp plant and the marijuana plant are two different plants with different properties belonging to the same C. sativa family.

The hemp plant and all its parts have been used for industrial purposes for centuries, mainly for the production of rope, clothes, ship sails, paper, and natural medicine.

Curious to learn more about the incredible versatility of the hemp plant? Here are 7 uses of hemp you may not know about.

Food and Nutrition

One of the most popular hemp products is hemp milk, which is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients and plant protein. In fact, the protein in hemp is considered a ‘complete protein’, which means it contains all 9 essential amino acids. Also, hemp milk protein is much more filling than cow’s milk protein and contains more fatty acids and fewer calories.

Hemp seeds are another superfood coming from the hemp plant. These little hearts are a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, and fatty acids. You can have them raw in your morning cereal or smoothie, add them in soups, stews, sauces, and other cooked meals, or sprinkled on salads.

You can read more about the health benefits of hemp seeds here and learn how to make homemade hemp milk here.

Body and Skin Care

Hemp Skin CareCBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and when used in the right amounts, it can do wonders for your skin. Whether you’re dealing with acne, dry skin, eczema, sensitive skin, or premature aging, CBD oil is the be-all end-all of natural skincare.

Nowadays, you’ll find CBD oil in almost any type of beauty product on the market: soaps, face and skin creams, makeup, bath and body products, hair products, nail products, and more. The reason it’s so widespread is because of its amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and analgesic properties.

CBD oil can also reduce skin redness, irritation, swelling, and pain, which is why it’s a main ingredient in many massage oils, body balms, and rubs.

Textiles and Clothing

For centuries, the hemp plant was cultivated for a variety of uses. For example, people used hemp fibers to make rope, clothing, fabric, and even shoes. This is because hemp fibers are extremely sturdy and strong, easy to produce, don’t require tons of water and pesticides, and the fabrics are more breathable than cotton.

Today, hemp fibers are the selling point of many fashion brands that make hemp clothing, hemp eyeglasses, natural jewelry, accessories, shoes, bedding, linen, canvas, bags, and even baby clothes.


Hemp paper is not a new invention. In fact, it’s been used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times. The first hemp paper in Europe was made in the 13th-14th century and in the United States in the 20th century.

The hemp plant contains two types of strong fibers: short and long bast fiber. The long fiber is called hurd and is the stronger, more durable fiber. The short bast fiber is called pulp and is used to make paper because it’s easier to produce, more sustainable, and contains more cellulose. Also, unlike traditional tree-derived paper, hemp paper will not change color over time.


Hemp-derived plastic is nothing like the mass-produced plastic we use today. In fact, hemp plastic is not only biodegradable, it’s also renewable, toxic-free, cheaper to produce, and strong and sturdy enough to retain its shape and versatility.

Hemp plastic can replace regular plastic in bottles, disposable cutlery, grocery store bags, straws, Tupperware, furniture, and almost any other item made of regular plastic. In addition, hemp plastic will have little to no environmental impact as it’s easily biodegradable and recyclable, so you can use and reuse it all over again.

Hemp plastic is made from the hemp stalk where all the fiber is located. As hemp fiber is among the strongest natural fibers in the world, hemp plastic is starting to find its way in larger industries such as car manufacturing. Some companies have even started incorporating hemp plastic into the car bodies, plastic panels, and different car parts for better safety, durability, and strength.

Building Materials

Hempcrete (also known as hemplime) is the newest groundbreaking building material made of hemp hurds and lime binder. This material is already starting to revolutionize the construction industry by setting the bar for ‘green energy’ higher.

Due to its strength, durability, and powerful insulating and moisture regulating properties, it’s suitable to use in almost any climate. If you want to use hempcrete in construction in the U.S., you must obtain all the necessary licenses and permissions before you start building.

Pet Products

Did you know CBD oil is also great for pets? It’s perfectly safe to use in food, treats, bath products, and topically for keeping your furry friend’s coat soft and shiny.

Bruiser Balm Hemp Medication for PetsCBD oil can also help with pain relief, immunity boost, surface wounds and scratches, anxiety and stress, allergies, skin irritation, joint issues, and teeth problems. Make sure to buy 100% verified CBD pet products to avoid any unwanted side effects.  Our friends at Verdant Formulas absolutely love their pets and have developed some fantastic products to help care for their four-legged family and yours. 

Hemp fibers are also great for pet bedding, especially dog bedding, as they’re soft and comfy, but also strong enough to endure all the pulling, scratching, digging, and ripping.

Which Hemp Plant Use Surprised You The Most?

From hemp milk, paper and clothes, to hemp concrete, skincare, and dog bedding, the hemp plant has plenty of sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly properties.

Whether it’s the stalk, seeds, leaves, or roots, each and every part of the hemp plant offers a different type of use with a bright future ahead of it.

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