Start your day feeling your best. Enjoy the natural benefits of top-quality broad spectrum CBD conveniently infused into fresh roasted, small batch specialty coffee.


Premium Coffee

Sträva exclusively sources and roasts premium specialty-grade coffee: clean, sustainable, 100% Arabica beans - some of the most flavorful and sought after coffee beans from around the world.

Healthy Hemp/CBD

Sträva infuses its premium coffees with top-quality organic, broad-spectrum hemp which is naturally rich in CBD, CBG and more to deliver maximum benefit.

Responsible Sourcing

Feel good about your next cup of coffee. Sträva works with small, independent coffee farmers to educate and elevate the quality and value of their harvest. This means great coffee for you and a better life for farmers and their families.


Living healthy & feeling good is what Sträva is all about. Explore the natural benefis of CBD in a more convenient, satisfying and delicious way:

Feel less Anxious

Live Your Day With Fewer Aches & Pains

Enjoy More Restful Sleep

Feel Alert, Calm & Focused

Relax and De-Stress

Feel less Anxious

Feel Alert, Calm & Focused

Live Your Day With Fewer Aches & Pains

Relax and De-Stress

Enjoy More Restful Sleep


The best way to explore the many benefis of CBD infused coffee is to simply brew a fresh cup of Sträva for yourself. Here's what to expect:



The First Few Cups:

Simply Enjoy…

Smooth, satisfying taste of premium-quality Sträva coffee

Feeling less Anxious

Feeling less Jittery



After A Few Days:

Have You Noticed?

Feeling Alert, Calm & Focused

Improved Mood & Outlook

More Restful Sleep



After 1-2 Weeks:

How Do You Feel?

More Balanced

Less Anxious

Less Discomfort

Sustained, Elevated Mood

Sträva is committed to providing every customer with an exceptional experience. While some may find immediate, meaningful relief, others may find the natural benefits build more slowly, and maybe more subtle. With three levels of CBD infusion to choose from, Sträva makes it easy to find the perfect dose of CBD to help you feel your best.

Did you find the Sträva that's right for you? If not we're happy to help guide you in your product selection!


“I really enjoy the coffee flavor and aroma. The CBD aspect works better than advertised. Excellent product that I highly recommend.”

By David

“Absolutely amazing stuff, both as coffee and medically. I am a permanent customer!”

By Jeremy

"Excellent coffee. The CBD can't be tasted at all. The effects are subtle. Great for common aches and pains. Wonderful combination."

By Hans

“This coffee is amazing. I am now a fan! It won't disappoint with its flavor and the way the body and mind get a hit of vibrance!”

By Patti

“Service is great! I’ve changed my subscription a few times and Customer Service has been pleasant and accommodating. Ordering 2 bags of coffee at a time also saves me shipping costs, which I appreciate.”

By Rene

“Absolutely your service is 5 STARS as always! Super fast shipping and your product is the BEST!”

By Aidea

best selling cbd coffees

Regular Strength

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Max Strength

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Max Strength

Single-Serve K-Cups

Responsible Sourcing

Feel good about your coffee: Sträva works with forward-thinking sourcing partners to ensure environmental and socio-economic best practices are promoted and followed. This means:

Better quality coffee for you

Improved quality of life for farmers and their families.

signature coffees

Start your day with one of Sträva's signature small batch specialty roasts:

Smooth & Balanced Flavor

Always Fresh Roasted

Unique Single Origins

Non-CBD Coffees

Smooth & Balanced Flavor

Distinctive Single Origins

Always Fresh Roasted

Non-CBD Coffees

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